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Well it's nice to look, but we all know, it's better to touch...

And so we are delighted to be opening our headquarters and first showroom in New Regent Street, Christchurch on Saturday 26 March 2022.

Here our shoe-lovers will be able to come and view, smell, touch and try on any of our stand-out shoes.  It will also be the home of VIP social gatherings, educational events, new product launches and shoe art!

To celebrate we are hosting three pre-opening events for our special VIP Kindred.  There will be music, food, drinks and shoes, what more could a shoe-lover want?!

So if you are a VIP - make sure you have checked your emails, and completed your RSVP - securing your place at one of these private invitation-only events. 

For the rest of our Kindred, if you are based in Christchurch and would like to go in the draw for an invitation to our opening event, please email us at 

Now, please note: Being the angelic soul I am - I'm avoiding the C-word and using the S-word instead…
For those with less angelic minds…That's 'COVID' and 'SHOES' of course!

However, we are conscious of the C-word, and have infection control
protocols in place to ensure our private group can have as much fun as
possible safely. Vaccine passes will be therefore be required for the
aforementioned event!

When I first committed to this venture of opening a new type of shoe store - one for the real shoe-lovers, the unique antipodeans that dressed from the bottom up - it was the end of 2020.  I could never have imagined the unique circumstances from which we would be born. The challenges that would arise, and the tenacity we would all need to maintain our positive passion for happiness and society. 

For me you see, it's not just about shoes. It is also about a social connection. Uniting a community of shoe-lovers, to enjoy, appreciate and celebrate the most decadent, sexy and stunning shoes from around the world. Together. The social aspect of that celebration will always be core to our purpose.

And so you can imagine how excited I am at the prospect of seeing many of our kindred - IN PERSON - over the coming weeks. Our showroom will be a special and welcoming place where you can come and bask in the beauty of the shoes, perhaps enjoy a drink, and heck - maybe even nab yourself a pair of stunning shoes. 

But most of all, for this upcoming celebration of our Showroom Grand Opening, I hope it is an opportunity to put your fancier clothes back on, enjoy some delicious nibbles, salivate over even more delicious shoes, and simply enjoy yourself.

Heaven knows, with the last 2 years, we've all earned it! 

So VIPs - get your RSVP in quick. Other kindred - flick us an email to get your name on the list. Not part of our kindred yet? Join us here for your chance to get a VIP invite. Or finally, just pop on in once we are open. Our opening hours will be live on Google from 26/03/22. 

We can't wait to see you all and introduce you to our new home!

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