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At The Shoe Curator we go to the ends of the world to find the highest quality shoes that you can treasure forever. So, here are a few of our tips to keep your precious shoes in tip top sexy as shape.

We all love a bit of sunshine in our lives but alas not for our shoes, when not strutting their stuff we recommend keeping them away from sunlight and heat and if they get a bit damp, allow them to dry a la naturale. 


Nothing better than a bit of leather, but when yours gets a little dirty we recommend using a soft clean moist cloth to gently remove any dirt. Just like our skin, leather needs to be kept moisturised, so after a good clean then treat your shoes  to a good wax n polish - just make sure they are nice and dry first though. 

Patent Leather

We love a smooth glossy surface and patent shoes tick all this and more. To keep these babies shiny just give them a gentle clean with a moist cloth and remove any scuffs with a special patent leather cleaner.

Calf & Nappa Leather

As with all natural skins, these leathers naturally wrinkle and soften with age. Remove any surface dirt by gently using a clean, soft, dry cloth. A neutral leather conditioner can be used but remember to spot test it first and make sure your shoes are completely dry.


Suede me up, we love this rubbed leather for its softness and feel. Treat it with kindness, we don't recommend cleaning with water though as it will fade the colour and the texture. Before wearing, you may wish to seal it with a professional sealant - always remember to spot test first.

To treat a wet patch, gently pat the area with a clean cloth and then apply a layer of talcum powder on the stain.  Let it sit overnight, then gently brush with a suede brush to remove the powder.

For a dried stain, rub gently with an eraser. For heavier stains, blot with white vinegar and a clean towel. Repeat if needed. This can be used on both water and salt stains.


We have a crush on velvet with its short dense piles and soft touch. Because it’s so delicate we wouldn’t recommend any cleaning products. Loose dirt can be removed with a moist cloth and dry immediately although not with direct heat


As with all glitter products, a small amount of glitter may be lost so don’t rub your sparky shoes or use anything on them. If they do get a bit dirty use a soft dry cloth and be oh so gentle with your rubbing.

Heel Tips

With wear your lovely tips will naturally deteriorate. It’s recommended that you change the heel tips once they start to wear down. This is important as having an unstable heel can make you a bit wobbly on your feet and also affect the shape of the shoe.  We recommend you use a reputable cobbler.

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